As proclaimed by the Newfoundland and Labrador Occupational Therapists Act (1988), all persons working in Newfoundland and Labrador as an Occupational Therapist MUST be registered with the Newfoundland and Labrador Occupational Therapy Board (NLOTB) BEFORE they commence employment. Failure to register is a violation of the Occupational Therapists Act and can result in disciplinary action and/or fines.

Registration Categories & Basic Requirements:
The practice of occupational therapy includes direct service, education, consultation, research and administration. Registration with the Board qualifies occupational therapists to use the title “Occupational Therapist” or “O.T.”, and the designation “OT(R) NL”. Registration indicates to the public that their occupational therapist has met entry-to-practice requirements, and meets the Board’s standards of practice and quality assurance requirements. In addition, it provides the public with a means of recourse, should they receive occupational therapy treatment they feel does not meet professional standards.

NLOTB has 3 Registration Categories:
1. Full License
2. Provisional License
3. Temporary License

Full License:
This category applies to individuals who meet all requirements of the Board and are able to practice without restriction.

Provisional License:
Applicants who meet all of the requirements for a full license with the exception of successful completion of the National Occupational Therapy Certification Exam, may be granted a provisional license for up to one year provided they are registered to write the exam at the next available sitting. Provisional licensees are required to have a mentorship agreement with a fully licensed Occupational Therapist with NLOTB.

Temporary License:
This category is intended for those therapists who are registered in another Canadian jurisdiction, but enter the province of NL to practice temporarily as a consultant or educator/instructor. To register in this category, applicants must have: a valid certificate of registration from another jurisdiction, have an offer of employment that does not exceed four months within a twelve-month period and have professional liability insurance to cover the term of employment in NL.

Please direct questions to:

Kim Doyle, Executive Director
Phone: 709-687-4783; Fax: 709-383-0135