Were you educated as an OT in Canada?

Registration Requirements: Canadian Educated Occupational Therapists:

Canadian educated occupational therapists wishing to practice occupational therapy in Newfoundland & Labrador (NL) must be registered with the NL Occupational Therapy Board before beginning any type of occupational therapy practice. To apply to NLOTB, you must complete the Registration Application Form, under the “Form, Resources & Links” Section of www.nlotb.ca and submit documents to show that you meet the registration requirements.

NLOTB has Three Registration Categories:
1. Full License
2. Provisional License
3. Temporary License

1. Full License:
This category applies to individuals who meet all requirements of the Board and are able to practice without restriction. To register in this category, applicants must meet the following:

Education Requirements:
a) Graduated from a Canadian degree program in occupational therapy recognized by the Board,
b) Successfully completed 1000 hours of fieldwork or clinical practicum as part of the education program and
c) Successfully completed the National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination (NOTCE).

Currency/Recent Practice Hours:
a) 600 hours of occupational therapy practice within the 3 years immediately prior to application. Verification of hours worked may be required directly from the employer(s), or
b) Successful completion of NLOTB’s Re-Entry to Practice Program, within the 18 month period immediately preceding application, or
c) Graduation from an approved school of occupational therapy as per Education Requirements: 1(a) and 1(b) above within the 18 month period immediately preceding application.

Regulatory History:
Regulatory History Forms must be completed by all jurisdictions where the applicant has worked in the 10 years immediately preceding application. Completed forms must be forwarded directly to NLOTB from the licensing body in the various jurisdiction(s). See website www.nlotb.ca,  “Forms, Resources & Links” for Regulatory History Form.

Professional Liability Insurance:
Professional Liability Insurance is a requirement of licensing. The majority of our members purchase insurance through CAOT. Other insurance options can be submitted to the NLOTB for review.

Membership with Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT):
Membership with CAOT is a requirement of licensing. See www.caot.ca for details of membership application.

Membership with NL Occupational Therapy Association (NLAOT):
Membership with NLAOT, the professional occupational therapy association, is a requirement of licensing. Membership fees are included on the NLOTB registration form and the NLAOT fee is paid at the time of the NLOTB application. A separate application form is not required. Visit www.nlaot.ca for additional information.

Payment of Applicable Fees:
Please see website www.nlotb.ca “Forms, Resources and Links” Fee Schedule. There is an option to pay fees electronically. See home page of website for links.

2. Provisional License:
Applicants, who meet all of the requirements for a Full License, with the exception of successful completion of the National Occupational Therapy Certification Exam, may apply for a provisional license for up to one year, provided they are registered to write the exam at the next available sitting. Provisional licensees are required to have a mentorship agreement with a fully licensed Occupational Therapist with NLOTB.

Applicants, who do not meet currency requirements, but all other requirements, may apply for a provisional license to complete a Re-Entry to Practice Program.

3. Temporary License:
This category is intended for those therapists who are registered in another Canadian jurisdiction, but enter the province of NL to practice temporarily as a consultant or educator/instructor. To register in this category, applicants must have:
-A valid certificate of registration from another jurisdiction.
-An offer of employment that does not exceed four months within a twelve-month period.
-Professional liability insurance.

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