Newfoundland & Labrador Occupational Therapy Board

Quality Practice

Continuing Competency Requirements:

1. Declaration of Currency:

Currency refers to the required practice hours in a given period of time and is considered one component of continued competence. Currency hours are reported at initial registration and annual license renewal. NLOTB requires 600 hours of occupational therapy practice in the 36 months prior to registration. Refer to NLOTB Currency Requirements Policy for further information.  

2. Professional Development:

While NLOTB does not have specific professional development requirements for the 2024 renewal year, Domain D of the Competencies for Occupational Therapists in Canada (2021), requires the competent OT to engage in ongoing learning and professional development, including a professional development plan and engage in professional development activities to improve practice and ensure continuing competence.

Learning goals, and progress towards those goals, can be added to your Continuing Competency Portfolio or to the Learning Log Section in your NLOTB profile. 

 eLearning modules are required at various times. There is no mandatory learning module requirement for the 2024 renewal.

NLOTB has a Continuing Competency Portfolio which is currently being revised and updated. Updating your Portfolio on an annual is a mandatory renewal requirement. A digital copy of the Portfolio is available by contacting NLOTB.


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