Newfoundland & Labrador Occupational Therapy Board

Current Member: Renewal

2024 Renewal Requirement

NLOTB RENEWAL is open between January 4 and Feb 29, 2024.
($40.00 late fee applies to renewals submitted after January 31, 2024)

Prior to Renewal:

1. Review and Update your Continuing Competency Program Requirements.

2. Calculate your Currency Hours from March 1, 2023, to the date of application.  NLOTB requires 600 hours of occupational therapy practice in the 36 months immediately preceding application/ renewal. See NLOTB Currency Policy under Resources.

3. Upload the following documents with your renewal application:
Professional Liability Insurance Certificate
CAOT membership card
Government issued photo ID (if you do not have one in your profile)
A learning module is not required for 2024 Renewal.


To renew your license please log in to the “Member Log In” section ( ) using the primary email address on file. Once logged in, navigate to “License Renewal” in the “Applications” section in the sidebar, to renew your license.

When reviewing your online profile, please review and update the information carefully, particularly your email contact information as NLOTB communicates with members primarily by email. Provision of a primary and secondary email address is recommended.  You are required to notify NLOTB when you change employer or add an additional employer. 

Review the “Declarations” and “Acknowledgements” sections thoughtfully. Your renewal application is an official document and false or misleading statements could impact your license renewal. 

Fees are payable by credit card online, or via cheque, mailed to NLOTB. Your card will not be charged when you submit your application. Once your application is submitted, including all of the required documents, your application will be reviewed for approval and the payment processed upon approval. The review process may take several weeks. Once finalized, you will receive an email from NLOTB indicating that your license has been renewed.

2024 Renewal Fees:

NLOTB: $410.00 ($40.00 late fee applies to renewals submitted after January 31, 2024)
NLAOT: $118.00 (801+ hours/year) or $77.00 (800 or less hours/year). 


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